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UPDATED 1/25/23



We have planted 30 churches that now minister to over 9000 people. In 2012, when we were in Bundibugyo, there were 240 people meeting in a tiny shed. Today, that church in the photo (yellow church) is one of the largest churches in the Bundibugyo district and has planted 28 other churches. It is the first structure you see when you enter the Bundibugyo township. There is a backlog of communities wanting Pastor Vanensio to plant one of our churches in their village.  



We assist young pastors from all over Africa in their theological education at Pastor Emma’s Westminster Christian Institute near Kampala and Grace Bible Institute on the Congo Border. We also help provide a mobile school, directed by Pastor David Kabaale, to train pastors in remote villages, as well as hosting pastors conferences in their home communities. 
Due to the 28 new churches planted in Bundibugyo the last 6 years, they have established the Grace School of Theology at the Bundibugyo mother church to train local pastors. They bring in young pastors for intense and focused 1-3 day training sessions. 



While starvation is prevalent in the Bundibugyo district, it has been worsened by inflation, food shortages, and influx of refugees from the Congo. We have been able to sustain over 4,500 people through our Coalition efforts.



We are now farming over 111 acres of farmland (which we own with our Ugandan Partners) with sustainable crops to feed the hundreds of children at the Zana Christian School and Children’s Center. Ugandan sustainability is a primary goal of our Uganda Coalition. It is essential that we help establish a revenue-producing venture in Bundibugyo (Karuguto Farm) and Zana near Kampala, (Kamengo Farm) to assist our pastors and churches in the long term.  We are producing Corn, Beans, Cassava, Pigs, Goats, Dairy Cows, and Chickens to feed the many orphans, vulnerable children, single mothers, and many elderly. 



We help to provide education for over 1000 children in our Bundibugyo and Zana schools ministry. The Zana Christian School is a beacon of Christian light in a desperately poor suburb of the capital, Kampala. It is a miraculous example of God’s work. God has blessed this ministry mightily with incredible growth in attendance. We now have a four-story Christian High School and two story Primary School provided by our Giving Hands partners, and a brand new soccer stadium provided by our partners Champions United, for the benefit of children who never had any hope or chance to grow in Christ.



The jungles of the Rwenzori Mountains are a Malaria breeding ground (100% infection rate), and Malaria kills more children and young mothers than any other disease.  After a baby died in church one Sunday morning, the pastors pleaded for help with this severe problem. We have now established a small but effective malaria clinic, stocked with antimalarial drugs and nets. The goal of the malaria clinic is to immediately provide effective treatment and prevent children and young mothers from dying while traveling 60 miles to hospitals in Fort Portal over rough mountain roads. We are hearing encouraging reports of this little clinic's lifesaving results!



We presently care for over 1000 orphans and vulnerable children, sending them to Christian schools and providing 2 small meals a day. This is done for about $30 a month for food or $250 a semester per child. Many of these children live with a single parent, grandparent, or guardian. 


We are also assisting 11 older students in higher education.  



We help many elderly people who are now caretakers for their orphaned grandchildren.  We also help little children who are the only caretakers for their aged grandparents and siblings, like little Godfrey here who prepares meals for his aged grandfather.

As we do little things in Jesus' name

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