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Uganda has over 2.5 million orphans, and nearly half of them have AIDS. Some districts, like Bundibugyo, have an infection rate of 16%. There is a whole generation of parents missing, and 1 in 10 Ugandan mothers die in childbirth. Uganda has a mortality rate of 12% for children under 5 years old. Even today diseases like cholera, polio, diphtheria, and tuberculosis kill thousands every year. The jungles of the Rwenzori Mountains are a malaria breeding ground with a 100% infection rate, and malaria kills more children and young mothers than any other disease. 

It's hard to find a Ugandan who is not hungry, but that hunger is for more than food. They’re also hungry for God. 

Opportunities for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ are plentiful. Join us in partnering with Ugandan pastors like Emma Kiwanuka and Vanensio Bamwitirebye to reach the lost in Uganda by feeding both the body and the soul.

Uganda Coalition Map of Uganda




The Uganda Coalition ministries take place in and around Bundibugyo and Kampala.




(Left) Pastor Vanensio Bamwitirebye

(Right) Pastor Emma Kiwanuka 

The Coalition is a group of like-minded Bible churches and individuals that can choose their part in support from a variety of ministries. Our members receive regular email updates on the work and the needs. The Coalition of churches was founded in 2012 after Tom Johnson and Les Wilson visited Uganda and saw the overwhelming needs, and continues under Pastor Emma Kiwanuka of the Zana Church in Kampala. Tom and Les also visited with Emma's protégé, Pastor Vanensio Bamwitirebye of the Bundibugyo Community Worship Center which the Zana church planted on the Congo border.

In all that we do, our primary focus is on the salvation of these dear people through the gospel message. All that has been done is a work of God by ordinary people like you and me. It is all for the glory of God. There are no salaries or overhead costs, and every cent reaches the designated ministry. Please consider joining us in making a difference in Uganda.


For more information please contact:

Tom Johnson - Director    



As we do little things in Jesus' name

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